The Kidney Care Council Members

The Northwest Kidney Centers (NKC) is a model for saving and sustaining the lives of people with chronic kidney disease and focuses on improving the quality of patients’ lives. A nonprofit organization staffed by a skilled, knowledgeable team of 525, NKC provides personalized care for patients in the Puget Sound region and is the central community resource for kidney disease prevention, treatment and education. A world pioneer in home dialysis, NKC is dedicated to developing innovative treatment options and promoting research to find the cure for Chronic Kidney Disease.

Founded in 1962, NKC holds the distinction of being the first out-of-hospital dialysis center in the world. Serving the state of Washington, NKC operates 12 community dialysis centers, including a 21-bed outpatient unit for patients with exceptional needs. NKC also provides hospital-based dialysis and related therapies in many Seattle-area hospitals.

Since 1964, more than 2,500 NKC patients have dialyzed successfully at home. The NKC Home Program offers frequent (five to six days per week) and nocturnal dialysis, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis as treatment choices. Nearly 14% of NKC patients chose this form of independent dialysis for their lifestyle.

NKC educates nephrology renal fellows, nursing students, pharmacy and dietary interns from the University of Washington and other Seattle schools. The organization operates an extensive outreach and public education program. The NKC Foundation secures donations and other support to advance the mission of optimal patient care, education and research.

NKC has a budget of approximately $70 million per year. The President and CEO is Joyce F. Jackson.

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